Library Ambassadors

Mission & Accomplishments

The Library Ambassadors is a student group charged with increasing communication between the Lafayette College Library and the student body. Ambassadors play an active role in advising librarians and library staff on improvements to library services, resources, and policies.

Since its founding in 2008, Ambassadors have:

  • Met with representatives from the Library, Information Technology, Skillman cafe, Public Safety, and Residence Life staff;
  • Successfully lobbied the library for increased hours;
  • Received private viewings of rare materials from Special Collections & College Archives, including of the Marquis de Lafayette sword; and
  • Helped to man the library's table at the Student Organization Fair and to run the library's first-year orientations.

In addition, representatives from the Library Ambassadors have been selected to serve on the Friends of Skillman Library Council, a group of faculty, alumni, and community members who plan library events and raise money for the purchase of library materials.

Membership Eligibility

Students are invited to apply to become a Library Ambassador by filling out the online application form. Ambassadors must be willing to serve for at least one semester (preferably longer) and able to attend lunchtime meetings once a month.


Library Ambassadors in 2014-2015 are:

Pictured (from left to right):
Ben Jahre, librarian
Max Jones, student, 2015
Kylie Bailin, librarian
Alena Principato, student, 2015
Yemai Liu, student, 2015







Pictured (from left to right):
Katim Woldemariam, student, 2017
Kerri-Ann Sutherland, student, 2016
Marybeth O'Connor, student, 2015
Audrey DaDalt, student, 2015
Max Jones, student, 2015
Alena Principato, student, 2015
Han Xu, student, 2018
Front row:
Ben Jahre, librarian
Kylie Bailin, librarian


Not pictured:
Li Guo, student, 2015
Zhe Sheng, student, 2015
Jia Li Shi, student, 2016
Sarah Edmonds, LAFarm Manager