Where in the Library is Carmen Sandiego?: An Interactive Library Mystery Game

When: Tuesday, September 7, 2010 - 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Where: Skillman Library

Carmen Sandiego is at it again! This time she’s stolen the Marquis de Lafayette’s sword—a precious piece of College heritage that is usually stored safely in the library’s Special Collections. Without Lafayette’s sword, school spirit is in peril and we fear that Lehigh may beat Lafayette forever. Lafayette’s team of stellar librarians (the PRA Team) fingered Carmen using an array of library tools. Now you need to find the secret location where Carmen stashed the sword before she has time to move it again. Luckily, Carmen left clues for her henchman about the sword’s whereabouts. Your task is simple: pursue Carmen’s trail by visiting stations located throughout the library. By enlisting the help of librarians at each station, you will be given clues that will lead you to the Marquis’ sword. Along the way, you may just learn some useful tips about using the libraries.

This game utilizes QR or “quick response” codes (see sample on right), which look similar to bar codes and have digital information embedded in them. To play this game, you will need a mobile camera phone with a free QR code reader application installed. QR code readers can be downloaded in advance of the game by searching for “QR reader” or "barcode scanner" from your phone’s application directory. Students without a mobile camera phone and QR code reader can participate in teams. Library staff will also assist in downloading the application prior to the event at the Skillman reference desk or as you arrive on September 7. You can still play the game without a QR code reader.

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