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17th and 18th Century Nichols Newspapers Collection
Content 17th and 18th Century Nichols Newspapers Collection features London newspapers and pamphlets gathered by antiquarian and printer John Nichols. This collection, sourced from the Bodleian Library, spans the years 1672 to 1737 and complements the titles and issues found in 17th and 18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers."
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Price One time purchase: $5,400.
Ending date April 24, 2017
Women’s Issues and Identities
Content Focusing on the 19th and 20th centuries, Women's Studies Archive provides a history of the social, political, and professional aspects of women's lives and offers a look at the roles, experiences, and achievements of women in society. Through a variety of documents such as diaries, letters, photographs, news clippings, organizational records, and journals, it presents a record of the issues that have affected women, societal contributions, social status, and women's movements."
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Price One time purchase: $9,375.
Ending date April 24, 2017
Archives of Sexuality & Gender: LGBTQ History and Culture Since 1940
Content LGBTQ History and Culture Since 1940 contains approximately 1.5 million pages of fully-searchable rare and unique primary source content covering LGBTQ activism and the HIV/AIDS crisis. Content is sourced from major gay and lesbian organizations worldwide.
Access Connect to LGBTQ History and Culture Since 1940
Price One time purchase: $6,250.
Ending date May 1, 2017
Content HeinOnline is a "fully searchable, image-based government document and legal research database. It contains comprehensive coverage from [the] inception of both U.S. statutory materials and more than 2,300 scholarly journals, all of the world’s constitutions, all U.S. treaties, collections of classic treatises and presidential documents, and access to the full text of state and federal case law powered by Fastcase."
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Price Annual subscription: $1,347.50 in year one. Second year: $2,695.
Ending date May 31, 2017
JSTOR Sustainability (beta)
Content JSTOR Sustainability "is a digital library of academic research covering issues of environmental stress and its challenges for human society." It includes topic based tools such as an influential articles timeline, relevant authors, related topics, and relevant journals.
Access Connect to JSTOR Sustainability
Price N/A -- product is still in Beta
Ending date April 3, 2017

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