Digital repository top ten list for 2014

Each year at this time we run a list of the most frequently accessed faculty articles in the Lafayette Digital Repository. None of last year's top five titles in divisional categories is in the top five again for 2014, though Paul Cefalu makes a repeat appearance with a different article. Caroline Lee and Jim Dearworth both have two articles appearing in the top five in their divisional categories this year.

Faculty who wish to have their scholarship added to the repository can use the online submission form, and library staff will deposit articles as allowed by copyright agreements.

Top five in the humanities / social sciences

Alienation, irony, and German Romanticism by Rado Pribic.

Formosa through the consul's eyes: Postcards from a 'Japan hand' on the eve of the Pacific War by Paul D. Barclay.

The burdens of mind reading in Shakespeare's Othello: A cognitive and psychoanalytic approach to Iago's theory of mind by Paul A. Cefalu.

The roots of astroturfing by Caroline W. Lee.

Is there a place for private conversation in public dialogue? Comparing stakeholder assessments of informal communication in collaborative regional planning by Caroline W. Lee .

Top five in engineering / natural sciences

Electroencephalogram (EEG) signal classification using neural networks with wavelet packet analysis, principal component analysis and data normalization as preprocessors. by Luis Schettino, et al.

FTY720 promotes local microvascular network formation and regeneration of cranial bone defects by Lauren Sefcik Anderson, et al .

DNA barcoding of new world cicada killers (Hymenoptera: Crabronidae) by Charles W. Holliday, et al .

Balanced interactions in ganglion-cell receptive fields by James R. Dearworth, et al.

IFEL TOUR: A description of the Introduction to FUN Electrophysiology Labs Workshop at Bowdoin College, July 27-30, and the resultant faculty learning community by James R. Dearworth, et al.