Additions to Silent Film Online

Sixty-three new titles were recently added to the library's subscription to Silent Film Online. The update includes new content from the British Film Institute and Flicker Alley. Highlights include:

Silent Shakespeare
A collection of seven early Shakespeare adaptations made between 1899 and 1911.

The Great White Silence
A 1924 English documentary that contains brief cinematography sequences taken during the Terra Nova Expedition of 1910-1913.

Piccadilly (1929)
One of the pinnacles of British silent cinema. A sumptuous showbiz melodrama seething with sexual and racial tension, written by Arnold Bennett and starring Gilda Gray, Anna May Wong, and Jameson Thomas.

A Cottage on Dartmoor (1929)
Directed by Anthony Asquith and starring Norah Baring, this tale of love and revenge is one of the very last silent films to be made in Britain before the talkies revolutionized cinema.

The Dancing Pig (1907)
A mind-boggling music hall routine filmed several times for different companies here, for Pathé Frères in 1907.

The Monkey Race (1909)
Italian-made, typical of hundreds of chase films produced in America, France and Italy between about 1904 and 1910, mostly for fairgrounds and vaudeville; greatly influenced Mack Sennett's Keystone and other comedies.

I Fetch the Bread (1906)
A family sends a man out for some bread. Instead, he seems to be trying to find every drink in Paris. Another man goes out after him, but does the same. They both return, utterly drunk.

Artheme Swallows His Clarinet (1912)
Produced by France's short-lived Eclipse Company. When this comedy was found, the print was decomposed along the edges and the end had melted away. Ten years later, another print miraculously surfaced, free of rot but very choppy. This edition is digitally reconstructed from both, almost frame by frame.

Lizzies of the Field (1924)
Silent comedy pioneer Mack Sennett promoted the careers of such legends as Charles Chaplin, Gloria Swanson and Fatty Arbuckle. The chase, a Sennett staple, was at the heart of this short. Billie Bevan stars as a mechanic whose garage competes with its nearest rival in a daredevil cross-country race. Like most Sennett films, the picture is filled with sight gags, like a car with an extendable passenger seat used to snag leading lady Barbara Pierce and the "Snoozenmobile" that lets the driver get in a little extra sleep on the way to work.

Seeing the World
A ten film series, including a transatlantic crossing in a Zeppelin dirigible and a film promoting Josephine Baker's wild revue at the Foliès-Bergere. Also features long-forgotten images of the Seine flood, which devastated Paris in late January 1910, and which were found only recently.

Grace Notes
Rare musical performances by Reinhardt, Ellington, and Armstrong.