RefWorks - moving RefWorks data from another institution to your Lafayette account

If you had a RefWorks account at a different institution and want to move its data into your Lafayette RefWorks account, you can do so by creating a Backup of your old account, then a Restore into your new Lafayette account. See Refworks' tutorial for a video walkthrough of this process.

  1. Create a Lafayette RefWorks account using these instructions.
  2. Log out of your Lafayette RefWorks account.
  3. Log in to your RefWorks account at your previous institution. (Unless the institution used Shibboleth for access, you will need the group code for that institution in order to be recognized as trying to access a non-Lafayette account.)
  4. From either the Tools or the References menu select Backup/Restore.
  5. Click Perform Backup.
  6. Save the file.
  7. Log out of RefWorks.

    Note: the next part of this process involves "restoring" to your new Lafayette account the backup file you just saved from your old account. Doing so will wipe out any references you may have added to your Lafayette account if you entered any new references immediately after creating your Lafayette account. If you did, export those new references first, then restore the backup from your previous institution to your Lafayette account, and then import the recent references you exported.

  8. Access your Lafayette RefWorks account using this link.
  9. From either the Tools or the References menu select Backup/Restore.
  10. Select the Restore option.
  11. Browse to the back-up file you created in Step 6.
  12. Select Include References, Include Output Styles and Include RSS Feeds.
  13. Click Perform Restore.