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Data, Gateway

NHGIS is a data portal for U.S. Census data in both tabular and geospatial formats. It provides access to summary statistics and GIS boundary files for population and agricultural censuses and other nationwide surveys from 1790 through the present. Alternatively, for a user-friendly online mapping interface connected to this same data see Social Explorer.

Audio collection covering classical, jazz, and world music, with particular strength in 20th and 21st century composers. Users can create playlists and can download the free NML iPhone app to listen to their playlists remotely.


Coverage: 1973-present

Searchable, full-text database of working papers from the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Full-text, Reference

Extensive encyclopedia on the Greco-Roman classical world and its interactions with other cultures in antiquity and the early Middle Ages.


Coverage: 1963-present

Full text of the New York Review of Books back to its first issue. Includes lengthy book reviews plus essays by major writers on politics, literature, and culture.


Coverage: 1851-2013

Cover-to-cover, full image backfile of the New York Times from the first issue through 2013. (For an electronic version of articles from 2014 forward, use LexisNexis Academic.)


New York Times website. To access articles beyond the 10 per month that NYT makes freely available, use Lafayette's "passes": visit and use your Lafayette email address to create an account and/or log on. Once you log on, you will have full access to the website for 24 hours.


Digital collection of early English news media from the 17th and 18th centuries. Includes an extensive collection of British newspapers, as well as monographs and other periodicals. To simultaneously search this resource along with Eighteenth Century Collections Online Vols. I & II, 17th-18th Century Burney Newspaper Collection, The Times of London Digital Archive, and The Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive, use the Gale Primary Sources search interface.


Coverage: 1784-2004, majority of content 1807-2002

Database documenting the experiences in North America of immigrants from across the globe. The collection can be searched by facets such as 'age when writing', 'point of departure', and 'occupation', etc. or can be browsed by place ('where written', 'where sent', 'discussed'), nationality, and personal events experienced.