The Library welcomes faculty requests and strives to support research or classroom needs. To best meet the high volume of these requests, we may borrow or rent as an alternative to purchase depending on the situation. Level of potential use and loan availability are considerations, as is cost.

When requesting individual titles of substantial cost ($200 or more) evaluative information such as reviews should be submitted. If possible, the Library will arrange a preview for the requestor prior to purchase in an effort to ensure quality. When requesting multiple films, please submit them in priority order.

We are also sometimes able to grant requests for copies of feature films to be streamed outside of class through Swank’s Digital Campus Program. These licenses must be arranged by the Library on a title-by-title basis, and access to the streaming film is limited to the course for which it is assigned. Substantial per-title costs are involved, so we request that you limit Swank streaming requests to films that require repeated viewings outside of class time for the purposes of textual analysis. To see if a Swank license may be available for a film, start by checking theirĀ Digital Campus catalogue.