The Research Tools by Subject pages contain links to selected Web-based resources appropriate for use in undergraduate research at Lafayette College. The collection, the core of which is made up of restricted-access subscription resources, also includes free websites considered substantive enough for academic use following evaluation by Reference Librarians at Skillman and Kirby Libraries. No attempt is made to include every site relevant to any given topic. Rather, sites are chosen with the following requirements in mind:

  • Content must be relevant to the research needs of Lafayette College students.
  • Sites must be content-rich.
  • Sites should cover a subject area broadly. However, sites which cover specific topics in depth may also be included.
  • Gateway sites should be highly selective.
  • Sites must be easily accessible via standard campus PC configurations.
  • Sites must be stable.
  • Attribution must be clear.

Sites are organized first by subject and then by the designations “Major Resources” or “Other Suggested Resources.” (Sites designated “Major Resources” are those generally considered a good starting place for research in a particular field.) Each site is further identified as one or more of the following resource types based on the primary nature of its content:

 Visual Resource   

To suggest a site for inclusion or to report a dead link, please contact the Reference staff at