Food and drink

Food and all types of beverage containers are allowed in Skillman’s coffee shop located on the main floor of Skillman Library. Beyond the coffee shop, small snacks and beverages with tight-fitting lids are permitted in Skillman and Kirby Libraries provided they are consumed neatly and all remainders are disposed of properly. Library staff reserve the right to prohibit eating or drinking that disturbs users or is detrimental to Library property. No food or beverages are allowed in Special Collections and College Archives.

Theft & defacement of materials

The theft, mutilation, or defacement of library materials is a serious offense against the academic mission of the College as such acts deprive others of access to these materials. A student who steals, mutilates, or defaces library property is subject to disciplinary action and any patron may be liable to legal action. In the state of Pennsylvania, some cases of library theft are classified as felonies. Acts of mutilation include removing pages from or otherwise damaging library materials; acts of defacement include highlighting, underlining, or writing in books.

Both Skillman and Kirby Libraries have electronic security systems to guard against theft. In order to maintain the security and integrity of the collection, library staff reserves the right to inspect bags, briefcases, and backpacks of patrons leaving the library.

Unattended belongings

In order to guard against theft and for public safety, do not leave your belongings unattended or blocking library entrances or aisles.