Rochelle Greenidge and Chris Mumba were awarded the David Bishop Skillman 1913 Library Prize at this year’s Honors Convocation. The award recognizes a graduating senior library assistant who, by exemplary performance, skill, and dedication, has enhanced the library’s educational role.

Rochelle has worked in the library’s Digital Scholarship Services department, digitizing fragile materials. Her supervisor writes, “Her digitization work has created digital surrogates that will allow us to start teaching with [the materials] again, as well as disseminate them through a digital collection. These materials were fragile, complex, and needed to be imaged on sensitive equipment using a proprietary software. It was a huge job that required her to pick up many new skills, work independently, and stretch her technological comfort zone, and she did beautiful work with them.”

Chris has worked in the Circulation Departments of both Skillman and Kirby Libraries, managing the front desk, performing collection maintenance duties, and serving as a student supervisor during inclement weather. His supervisors noted that he’s a hard-worker, knowledgeable, reliable, helpful to everyone, and always willing to volunteer to take an extra shift. In fact, he once substituted 29 times during a semester while still working his regular shifts!

Thanks to Rochelle and Chris for their work. We’ll miss you!