The Libraries have recently purchased 3 major archival databases:

Indigenous Peoples of North America is a large collection of primary sources split into two parts.

Part I covers the documented history, sociology, and culture of Indigenous peoples across the US and Canada from the age of invasion and colonization through western settlement and forced displacement. Part II presents the records of the Indian Rights Association, an organization founded in the late 1800s by White philanthropists that attempted to advocate for Indigenous rights. The history of the IRA documents early efforts that were more often than not paternalistic and ill-informed or misguided, but grew to better support the true needs and interests of Indigenous peoples as the organization’s tribal representation diversified.

Jet Magazine presents full-color digitizations of the complete run of Jet, a weekly magazine covering art, news, politics, and other social topics with an African-American focus, from 1951-2014. The issues are fully searchable or browsable, including covers and advertisements.

Slavery and Anti-Slavery: a Transnational Archive is a major collection of primary source material, sourced from over 60 libraries around the world and covering the global history of the slave trade, the institution and daily life of slavery, and anti-slavery and abolition movements worldwide. The archive is presented in 4 collections (which can be cross-searched or browsed individually): Debates over Slavery and Abolition; Slave Trade in the Atlantic World; The Institution of Slavery; and Age of Emancipation.