The Libraries have become a member of the Open Education Network (OEN), a network of groups working in higher education to support and promote the goals of Open Education. The OEN serves as the home for the Open Textbook Library, one of the leading repositories of openly licensed textbooks that are free to read, distribute, and revise as needed. The primary motivation for the Libraries membership is to provide financial backing in support of this initiative.

In addition to helping advance the Open Education movement through financial backing, membership in the OEN comes with other benefits to the Libraries, such as:

  • Tools to gather data and track the impact of Lafayette’s local affordable education initiative
  • Participation in a Community of Practice focused on making higher education more affordable for students
  • Training and other professional development through OEN’s workshops
  • Discounts on certificate programs and services to augment the Libraries’ work in Open Education

The Libraries view the cost of a college education as a major equity issue, and joining the OEN to promote a more affordable higher education landscape is one of many steps the Libraries are taking towards meeting our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals. The Libraries are participating in OEN in conjunction with other members of PALCI, the Pennsylvania state-wide library consortium.