John Clark, Geospatial Services Librarian, will be providing a series of six sessions designed to introduce participants to the digital world of maps and mapmaking during the first half of the Fall 2022 semester. Two of the sessions are repeated, making for a total of eight events. All of these events will be held remotely via Zoom from 12:15 to 1:00pm.

These talks are designed to introduce participants to a variety of digital geospatial tools and will include some demos. Participants will also be provided with links and resources to continue learning on their own. But fundamentally, this series is based on the premise that taking advantage of today’s geospatial technology depends on an understanding of mapmaking practices and geographical thought over many centuries, and in many different cultures. As such, much of the content will be focused on the fascinating world of maps.

These sessions may be enjoyed independently of each other, so please join us for one or many of them. The schedule below provides links for more information about each session, as well as particular Zoom links for each session.

Beware of Maps – a beginner’s guide to reading and making maps 
Monday, September 5

Thursday, September 8

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in a Nutshell 
Monday, September 12

Thursday, September 15

Exploring Google Maps 
Monday, September 19

Creating Story Maps
Tuesday, September 27

Finding Historical Maps Online
Monday, October 3

Working With Historical Maps
Wednesday, October 5