The Lafayette Libraries have begun a subscription to Academic Video Online (AVON), a service providing streaming access to over 66,000 videos. The titles in AVON include documentaries, newsreels, feature films, interviews, and performances, and range across a variety of disciplines, topics, and geographical regions.

The Libraries have begun this subscription with an eye towards replacing Films on Demand (FoD), which is similar in scope but provides nearly half as many titles at more the double the cost of AVON. We expect access to FoD to cease in June 2020, so we ask instructors who teach with videos from FoD to use the current Spring semester to begin making the transition from FoD to AVON. This may include:

  • Finding the same video you have previously used — there is significant title overlap between the two services
  • Finding an alternative video relevant to your teaching needs– AVON has coverage in (and often expands on) almost all of the major disciplinary areas that are available in FoD
  • Contacting the library — we can help to either identify alternative means of streaming the videos or purchase DVDs for those titles from FoD for which you can’t find a satisfactory substitute in AVON.

We recognize that this is a substantial change and will be happy to work closely with instructors to make the transition as smooth as possible. Please contact Ben Jahre, Head of Electronic Resources, with questions or to request assistance: or 610-330-5631.

Connect to Academic Video Online (AVON).