Director of Research and Instructional Services
123 Skillman Library

Selected publications

Xu, Lijuan, ed. September 2021. Engaging undergraduates in primary source research. New York: Rowman & Littlefield.

This edited volume demonstrates how faculty and librarians collaboratively create productive primary source learning experiences. Co-authored by faculty and their librarian partners, the case studies illustrate how students develop and practice skills related to finding and identifying primary information, analyzing and interrogating it, confronting interpretations, and constructing and presenting arguments using primary sources. (Recently reviewed in the American Archivist)

Jacobson, Trudi, and Lijuan Xu. 2004. Motivating students in information literacy classes. New York: Neal Schuman. (Publication of the Year, 2005, Association of College and Research Libraries Instruction Section )

Book chapters
Xu, Lijuan. 2022. “The Missing and Unheard Voices”. In Information literacy. Sage: London. (Invited chapter)

Using both historical and contemporary examples, this chapter discusses what it means for voices and perspectives to be “missing” from primary sources, the reasons behind the silences and absences of marginalized groups from the dominant discourse, and ways through which students can uncover and amplify the experiences, stories, struggles, and voices of these communities.

Xu, Lijuan. 2020. Lafayette College: A non-liaison based information literacy program. In The hidden architectures of information literacy programs. Association of College and Research Libraries. 41-51.

Xu, Lijuan, and Tim Silvestri. 2007. “Librarian and faculty collaborations in first-year programs: Re-Imagining the Web in student research.” In Information literacy collaborations that work. New York: Neal Schuman. 193–204.

Xu, Lijuan. 2024. Information literacy through the lens of epistemic justice: Centering the missing and unheard voices of marginalized groups. New Review of Academic Librarianship.

Drawing on recent teaching experiences in two intermediate-level classes, this paper showcases the ways through which librarians can help students interrogate structural issues in knowledge creation.

Addy, Tracie Marcella, Falbo, Bianca, and Lijuan Xu. 2021. Building a digital repository of assignments: A collaborative initiativeCollege & Research Library News, 82(11): 506-508.

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Xu, Lijuan, and Nestor Gil. 2017. Librarians as co-teachers and curators: integrating information literacy in a studio art course at a liberal arts college. Art Documentation: Journal of the Art Libraries Society of North America, 36(1), 122–136. (Top 20 articles, 2017, American Library Association Library Instruction Round Table)

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