Print release stations and personal device printing now available in Skillman.
In the PC computing lab, the two printers are now set up with print release stations. This enables print jobs to be released from the two computer terminals next to each printer, whenever a user chooses, rather than sending the job right away. A user can also cancel a job from the terminal if they sent it in error.
To print from the terminal a user just needs to enter their Network ID and not a password so it should be quick and easy to do. A user can also choose which printer to send between the two based on the jobs in the queue which they can see from the print menu. We are hoping this will cut down on a lot of waste from unintentional print jobs and potentially reduce wait times.
Another feature that was enabled is personal device printing from these two printers. So that means a user can now print a document from their own computer or device. Go to select “Web Print” to submit a job.