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Major Research Tools


Coverage: 1991-present

Weekly reports on "hot" topics. Each report focuses on one topic and includes an explanation of the issues, a "pro and con" debate feature, a chronology, and a bibliography that can lead to additional resources. Especially useful for political and social issues.


Database of legal resources, including laws, regulations, some trials and court reports, treaties, and a variety of other materials covering United States and foreign law.


Coverage: 1908-1981

Index to law journals and other legal periodicals published from 1908-1981. (For access to more recent legal periodicals use LexisNexis Academic.)


Full-text of federal and state case law. For additional sources for legal research, including law reviews, federal statutes and regulations, and state statutes -- select the option to "Search by Content Type."


Index of journal articles, books, and conference papers in political science and related fields. Includes a substantial amount of full text.


Index of articles, books, government documents, and other materials on global public policy issues, including international affairs.

Data, Gateway, Visual resource

Online application for locating and mapping US Census data and other demographic resources. Maps created on Social Explorer can be exported as images. To download the data itself in tabular and GIS formats see National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS).

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