Major Research Tools

Armed Conflict Database

Data, Full-Text
Coverage: 2000-present (conflict reports); 1997-present (data)

Database on international and internal conflicts as well as terrorism. Includes analyses of current situation and historical background. Also includes data on topics such as weapons, troops, fatalities, and refugees. From the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

Europa World Plus

Data, Full-Text

Up-to-date profiles of countries of the world. Includes political histories, economic statistics, and directory-style information on politics, media, and business. A "comparative statistics" section can be used to generate tables of comparative data on countries in formats suitable for exporting into Excel or SPSS.

Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics

Full-Text, Reference

Scholarly essays and shorter entries on world politics. Still a work-in-progress.

Political Science Complete


Index of journal articles, books, and conference papers in political science and related fields. Includes a substantial amount of full text.

World Factbook


Data on the geography, demography, government, economics, etc. for every country in the world (courtesy of the CIA).

Other Suggested Research Tools

ACE Electoral Knowledge Network

Data, Full-Text

Information on electoral systems in countries worldwide. Includes news, an encyclopedia, and comparative country data.

Africa Portal


Resources on policy-related issues in Africa. The "library" section includes full-text books, articles and documents on Africa.

African National Congress

Current and historical information on the ANC and South African politics and government. For historical documents arranged by theme, select the Documents tab and then Collections.

Constitution Finder


Database of links to constitutions and related documents from countries around the world, provided by the University of Richmond School of Law.

Europa: Gateway to the European Union


Basic information from the European Union server on EU policies, key issues, institutions, etc.

EUROPARL: the European Parliament on-line

Information on members and parties, EP press releases, basic information about EP functions, and ongoing activities, e.g., plenary sessions, meetings, and agendas. Also offers links to Web sites associated with other European institutions.

European Union Internet Resources


The Library at UC Berkeley provides this gateway to a vast amount of information related to the European Union: institutions, calendar, directories, documents, etc.

Foreign Affairs Ministries on the Web


List of links for locating web sites of ministries of foreign affairs from the United States Institute of Peace. Useful when searching for a government's position on a foreign policy issue. Freedom in the World

Data, Full-Text

Full text of annual reports (2002 to present) detailing political and civil rights in countries and territories of the world. Includes "ratings of freedom" for each country from 1973 to present. Also includes reports and rankings on freedom of the press in various countries.

Government Gazettes Online


Link to gazettes published by federal governments worldwide.

Historic Documents


Coverage: 1972-2015

Annual collection of primary sources covering significant events of the year. Includes materials such as speeches, international agreements, and reports from governments, NGOs, and other organizations. Each document is preceded by an introduction providing context and background.

International Constitutional Law


English translations of national and international constitutional documents.

JuriGlobe: World Legal Systems


Database of legal systems in place throughout the world. Provided by The University of Ottawa.

Library of Congress Country Studies


Lengthy reports on the history, society, and culture of individual countries published between 1988 and 1998 (Additional volumes in this series are available in Skillman's print collection). Prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress.


Official documents Website for the United Kingdom containing selected documents from Command Papers and the House of Commons Papers.

PARLINE Database


Information on legislative bodies, electoral systems, and recent elections compiled by the IPU (Inter-Parliamentary Union), a world organization of parliaments of sovereign states.

Political Database of the Americas

Data, Full-Text

Database of political information, documents, and links on Western Hemisphere politics, focusing on Latin America. From the Center for Latin American Studies (Georgetown Univ.) and the Organization of American States.

Political Resources on the Net


Directory of political sites sorted by region and country. Includes links to political parties, organizations, governments, and the media.

Transitions Online Premium


News from Central and Eastern Europe and countries of the former Soviet Union. Includes searchable archive back to 1994 and annual country surveys covering politics, international relations, the economy, and social issues.

World Leaders

Listing of chiefs of state and cabinet members of foreign governments. From the CIA.