Major Research Tools

CQ Congress Collection

Data, Full-Text

Legislative information and analysis of "key votes" in the U.S. Congress. Biographical, political, and electoral data about members of Congress, plus information and data on the structure of the legislative branch.

CQ Weekly


Coverage: 1983-present

News and analysis of the U.S. Congress. Includes status of major legislation and a record of votes.


Data, Reference

Database of information on members of Congress and staff that offers information such as biographies, contact details, legislative issues covered, participation in committees and caucuses, planned town halls and more. Includes disclosure information for foreign gifts, travel, and lobbying activities.

Political Science Complete


Index of journal articles, books, and conference papers in political science and related fields. Includes a substantial amount of full text.

Other Suggested Research Tools

American Presidency Project


Coverage: 1789-present

Collection of primary documents and other materials relating to U.S. presidents. Includes public papers, addresses, executive orders, and proclamations.

American Rhetoric

Full-Text, Gateway

Collection of full text, audio and video versions of public speeches, sermons, legal proceedings, lectures, debates, interviews, and other recorded media events. The site also includes sections devoted to rhetorical devices, Christian rhetoric, 9/11 rhetoric, movie speeches, and political speeches.

ANES Guide to Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior

Coverage: 1948-2008

Provides access to tables and graphs that display the ebb and flow of public opinion, electoral behavior, and choice in American politics over time. Contains data collected by the American National Election Studies, organized into nine topics.

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress

Full-Text, Reference

Short biographical sketches of Senate and House members from 1774-present. Includes photographs.

C-Span Video Library



Archive of C-Span videos, searchable by various fields including program title, date, person name, person title, and organization. There is also a browse option that allows users to browse by topics, popular programs, most popular, date, and other types.

Center for American Women and Politics

Data, Full-Text

News, data, and research reports on women in politics from the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers.

Code of Federal Regulations


General and permanent rules and regulations of Federal agencies published in the Federal Register.

Congressional Record


Coverage: 1994- present

The official record of the proceedings and debates in the United States Congress. Includes transcripts of debates on the House and Senate floors.

Core Documents of U.S. Democracy


Articles of Confederation, Bill of Rights, Congressional Record, Constitution of the United States, Declaration of Independence, Public Laws, etc.

CQ Researcher

Coverage: 1991-present

Weekly reports on "hot" topics. Each report focuses on one topic and includes an explanation of the issues, a "pro and con" debate feature, a chronology, and a bibliography that can lead to additional resources. Especially useful for political and social issues.

Digital National Security Archive


Collections of declassified documents covering US policy decisions around nuclear escalation and non-proliferation, the space race and military uses of space, and the Cuban missile crisis. Also includes collections of documents covering US foreign policy in relation to: Argentina; China; Colombia; Cuba; Mexico; South Africa; and North and South Korea.

FAS Collection of Congressional Research Service Reports


Selection of reports written by the Congressional Research Service for members of Congress on issues relating to foreign policy and national security.

Federal Register

Proposed regulations and regulations too recent to appear in the Code of Federal Regulations.


Data on U.S. federal contract spending and assistance to states. Includes breakdowns by congressional districts, contractors, types of assistance, etc.

Founders Online


Annotated, authoritative documents from six founders: Washington, Franklin, Hamilton, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison. A project of the National Archives and the University of Virginia Press. The resource for states and localities

Full-Text, Gateway

Resource for finding current information by and about state and local government. Links to news stories, local and state government sites, etc.

Historic Documents


Coverage: 1972-2017

Annual collection of primary sources covering significant events of the year. Includes materials such as speeches, international agreements, and reports from governments, NGOs, and other organizations. Each document is preceded by an introduction providing context and background.

How Our Laws Are Made


Basic outline of the federal lawmaking process from expression of idea to publication of statute. Courtesy of the U.S. House Parliamentarian.

Immigration Statistics


Data on immigrants to the U.S., refugees, naturalizations, and deportations from the Department of Homeland Security.

iPoll Databank

Data, Full-Text

Coverage: 1935 to present

Database of U.S. national public opinion surveys. From The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research.

National Conference of State Legislatures


Web site of the national organization for state legislators and their staffs. Useful for charts comparing state laws on a variety of issues such as family leave or drunk driving.

Pennsylvania Manual


Information about the government of Pennsylvania including its constitution; descriptions of its legislative, judiciary, and executive branches; local governments; election statistics, etc.

Pew Research Center

Data, Full-Text

Research, opinion polls (national and global), and news coverage on politics, religion, immigration, demography, and the media. Includes daily tracking of policy trends by state. Its Hispanic Center focuses on the U.S. Hispanic population and its growing impact on the nation.



An archive of selected presidential speeches dating back to George Washington.


A portal for all regulations issued by U.S. government agencies and departments. Allows users to submit comments on proposed rules and search final rules published in the Federal Register.

State and Local Government on the Net


Links to web sites of state, city, and county governments.

Full-Text, Gateway

Current news on state governments. Can be used to find sources and web sites that provide comparative state information and data (e.g., which states have the death penalty, how states are implementing "No Child Left Behind", etc.). From the Pew Center on the States.

States Perform


Comparative data for all 50 states in six areas: fiscal and economic, public safety and justice, energy and environment, transportation, health and human services, and education. From the Council for State Governments.

U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774-1875


Records of the Continental Congress, the Constitutional Convention, and the 1st-43rd United States Congresses.

U.S. House of Representatives


Official House website. Includes membership and committee information. Also contains information on the current sessions, roll call votes, and much more.

U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Rules

Includes full-text of archived and current rules as reported by the U.S. House of Representatives Rules Committee.

U.S. Senate


Official Senate website that includes biographical information on Senators, committees, and roll call votes from 1989 to the present. Also includes background and historical information on the Senate.

United States Government Manual


The official handbook of the Federal Government. Provides comprehensive information on the agencies of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches. Includes information on quasi-official agencies, international organizations in which the U.S. participates, and boards, commissions, and committees.


Links to and a search engine for U.S. Federal Government information, services, and department websites.