ScienceDirect charges $22 per article. The Library will pay the fee on behalf of Lafayette faculty and students, but we ask that you only request articles needed for your research.


Access requires your Network ID and password.

Connect to ScienceDirect – Faculty


You can request articles you find in ScienceDirect. They will be purchased and emailed to you within 2-3 hours when the Skillman reference desk is staffed, within 12-36 hours when it’s not. The method used for requesting articles depends on whether you’re on-campus and connected to the campus network, or you’re off-campus and connected to a third party network (e.g., Verizon, RCN, etc.).

If you’re on-campus…

…from within ScienceDirect, look for the FullTextFinder icon; articles can be requested by using the appropriate link in the FullTextFinder window.

Connect to ScienceDirect – Students

If you’re off-campus…

…FullTextFinder links won’t appear, but articles can be requested using the ScienceDirect Article Request form.

Connect to ScienceDirect – Students