You can save searches in the Library Catalog and have them run regularly. You might do this, for example, to be alerted when materials by a favorite author or on a particular subject are added to our collection or to get a weekly list of books added to the Browsing Collection.

To save searches:

  1. Log in to your library user account.
  2. Perform any type of search in the catalog, and when your results are displayed, click the “Save Search” link at the bottom of the results page. A green “search saved successfully” message should appear.
  3. Click the “Your Account” link at the top of the page.
  4. Click on the “Saved Searches” link at the right to see a list of your saved searches. This is also where you can delete any saved searches

To create a list of books from the Browsing Collection:

  1. Go to the Advanced Search page
  2. Type an asterisk (*) in the search box
  3. Select “Browsing” from the Location limiter box
  4. Click “Find”