If you are working remotely, try these search techniques and collections for locating electronic books.

Library Catalog

Use the location limit feature in the Library Catalog to get at the hundreds of thousands of ebooks we already have in our collection.

  1. Go to the Advanced Keyword Search form.
  2. Enter search terms.
  3. Select material type “text.”
  4. Scroll to the last entry on the Location limit search box and select World Wide Web.
  5. Click the Submit button in the search terms box.

Open Library

The Internet Archive’s Open Library provides access to digitized books from library’s across the country and is particularly useful for finding non-academic books. Consult Skillman’s Open Library guide for help.

For more options

For more collections, see our Ebooks Research Tools page.

Ask a Librarian

If you’re still not finding what you need or if all of this makes your head spin, please contact us for help. We may be able to buy what you need or, if a particular title is not available for purchase as an ebook, we can suggest alternatives.