• Surround yourself with those who aren’t afraid to ask hard questions. A group of people with a variety of views is more likely to be able to sniff out a fake story than a lone person or a group where everyone has similar views.
  • Your professors are experts in their fields. Don’t be afraid to talk with them when you run across a questionable news story in their field, whether it be environmental science or international affairs.
  • Librarians are experts in finding and evaluating information and are here to help you learn how to develop these skills as well. Stop by the Research Help Desk at Skillman and let us tell you what we can do.
  • Use curated collections. The librarians at Lafayette are careful about the news sources we include in our collections. Check out our selections in Skillman’s browsing area or on our list of Web news sources.

Fake news: Be critical | Get help from others | Support sources with high standards | Be tech savvy