General sources

Pennsylvania Abstract. Skillman RefDesk HA607 .P4
Includes vital statistics, data on housing, commerce, employment, education, crime, etc. Much of the data is at the county level. From the Pennsylvania State Data Center.

Data Lehigh Valley.
Statistics and other information compiled for “planners, public officials and private organizations and individuals interested in growth and development in the Lehigh Valley.” From the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission.

Lehigh Valley Research Consortium
Quantitative and qualitative data about the Lehigh Valley. Includes public opinion data, election polls, and research papers (e.g.,”The Effects of Gambling in the Lehigh Valley”).

Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation
Demographic and economic data and maps particularly geared to business development in the region.

A variety of basic statistics at the state, county, and municipal levels
can also be found in the following sources:

Pennsylvania County Data Book: Lehigh. Skillman Ref HC107.P4 L44x
Pennsylvania County Data Book: Northampton. Skillman Ref HC107.P42 N66
Detailed data on physical features and facilities, demographics, housing, economy, and quality of life. Most data is at municipal level.

Economics and employment

Workforce Information and Analysis
State and county-level data on the workforce, employers, occupations, and wages.

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia: Regional Data
Regional economic data from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.


PA Department of Education: Data & Reporting
Data from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.


Health Statistics
Vital statistics, cancer incidence, health risk behavior data, and other health statistics for the state. From the Pennsylvania Department of Health.