First stops

Statistical Abstract of the United States. Ref Desk HA 202 .A3x
Standard summary of social, political, and economic statistics of the U.S.

Historical Statistics of the United States. Ref HA202 .H57 2006

U.S. business and economic statistics

Economic Report of the President Transmitted to the Congress. Ref HC 106.5 .A272
Tables in back of volume include U.S. economic statistics for the past 40-50 years.

Business Statistics of the United States. Ref HC 101 .A15x
Economic and industrial statistics used for calculating the GNP. Good for time series data.

State statistics

SAGE Stats (formerly State Stats)
Collection of historical and current state-level data covering health care, crime, education and more.

State Rankings. Ref HA 203 .U17x

International statistics

World Databank
Country-level, time series data on development from the World Bank. Topics covered include demographics, the economy, and the environment. Data may be saved as Excel or ASCII files.

OECD Factbook
Variety of economic and social data for OECD countries.

International Financial Statistics. Ref HG 3881 .I6264x
Detailed statistics on the financial and monetary conditions of countries of the world. From the International Monetary Fund.

Examples of specialized sources (Kaiser Family Foundation)

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (Center for Disease Control)

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Digest of Education Statistics (National Center for Education Statistics)

Ward’s Motor Vehicle Facts and Figures. Ref HD 9710 .U5 M63a

For more sources…

Statistics — U.S. and Statistics — World and Economic Data (U.S.)
Lists of statistical Web sites most often used by Skillman reference staff. (Many have been added to this list because other econometrics students have found them useful.)

Lafayette Library Catalog
To find more sources in Skillman, search the library catalog by keyword for your topic and the word statistics—e.g., statistics and sports.