Background source

Europa World Plus
Up-to-date profiles of regions and countries of the world, including contemporary political history. See the section on Middle East and North Africa for regional essays, or after selecting a country of interest, see sections on history and country profile.

Scholarly articles

Political Science Complete
Database of journal articles, books, and conference papers in political science and related fields. Includes a substantial amount of full text. Be sure to (1) limit to scholarly journals and (2) sort by relevance.


Search the Library Catalog by subject following the links and examples below or browse the shelves in Skillman or Kirby at JQ1850 .A91 for the Arab Spring or DS119.7 for the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Sources for locating primary materials

History – Africa/Middle East
Collection of research tools for the history of the Middle East and Africa, including a number that lead to primary sources. See especially Middle East 1916-2001: A Documentary Record.

If you need help figuring out what a primary source is, consult our extensive primary source guide.

Citing sources

Chicago Style Citation Quick Guide
Examples of citations for various types of materials written in Chicago author-date style.