FYS Professor Librarian
017 Making Change Democratically Mr. Rizvi Ms. Heidenwolf
018 Ten Ways to Know Nature Mr. Cohen Ms. Bailin
020 Appalachia Mr. Husic Mr. Jahre
026 Plagues: Past and Present Ms. Caslake Ms. Heidenwolf
027 Death on Screens Mr. A Smith Ms. Perkins
030 Pulp-It: Paper Transform World Mr. Barbeito Ms. Perkins
037 I Cannot Live Without Books Mr. Phillips Ms. Perkins
043 Chrisma Mr. Schneiderman Ms. Xu
047 Life Sciences Mr. Hines Ms. Bailin
049 Global Food Mr. Bissell Ms. Bailin
054 Native Past in Lehigh Valley Public Memory Ms. Smith Mr. Jahre
058 Invention Mr. Mitchell Ms. Xu
059 Feed the World Ms. Stewart-Gambino Ms. Luhrs
061 Immune System:Friend or Foe? Mr. Kurt Mr. Jahre
063 Jewish Humor Ms. Rice Ms. Heidenwolf
064 Global Justice Mr. Jezzi Ms. Xu
068 Mobilizing Science Mr. Thomas Ms. Xu
069 Popular Culture and Political Resistance in Middle East Ms. Goshgarian Mr. Jahre
075 Technological Citizenship Ms. Rossmann Ms. Bailin
080 Creature Ms. Rohman Ms. Murray
082 Staging Science Playing Technology Mr. O’Neill Ms. Heidenwolf
087 Urban Infrastructure & Equity Ms. Sanford Ms. Bailin
102 Color:History of Making and Meaning Mr. Hupe Ms. Perkins
111 Birth Interfaith Movement Ms. Hendrickson Ms. Luhrs
116 Manipulation of Appearances Mr. Shulman Mr. Jahre
117 Demonstrating Science Ms. Boekelheide Ms. Luhrs
136 Learning Science Ms. Talarico Ms. Xu
141 Mathematics of Social Justice Mr. Root Ms. Heidenwolf
143 Coffee Mr. Woo Ms. Xu
150 A Plastic World Mr. Van Horn Ms. Xu
158 Nonviolence: Theory and Practice Ms. Fabian Ms. Luhrs
161 Songwriter’s Voice Mr. Torres Ms. Perkins
162 Music in European Society Mr. Cummings Mr. Jahre
169 The 1960s Mr. Newman Ms. Stomber
173 Latinx Mr. Donnell Ms. Luhrs
179 Leveraging Social Entrepreneurship to Alleviate Poverty and Unfreedoms Mr. Hutchinson Ms. Luhrs
195 Russia Today Ms. Ceballos Ms. Heidenwolf
196 Exploring Chinese Culture Ms. Luo Ms. Xu