Ester Barias-Wolf, circulation and facilities technician, and Carla Lindenmuth, serials technician, recently received the College’s Leopard Award. The award recognizes staff who have made an exceptional contribution to the College by working on a special project. Ester and Carla were recognized for the work they did to prepare to move over 30,000 volumes and several cabinets of microforms out of the basement of South College (a.k.a. the library Annex) and find appropriate spaces for them in Skillman—no small task given that the volumes were shelved with two different classification systems and four distinct library location designations, that we had to be able to retrieve a particular volume throughout the process if someone needed it, and that the working conditions in South College were far from ideal (“gross” would be more accurate). Now, thanks to the hard work of Ester and Carla, as well as a bevy of student employees and a crew of professional movers, all the materials are more accessible and stored in better conditions, and the College will be able to re-purpose the basement of South College.