The pages linked to below provide annotated lists of selected bibliographies, indexes, and primary source collections available in Skillman and Kirby libraries, as well as suggestions for searching the Lafayette College Library Catalog and WorldCat. The resource lists and search strategies are not exhaustive. Please contact a reference librarian if you are having difficulty locating material related to your topic.

Broadcast media

News reports, documentaries, and other current-events-related pieces broadcast over the radio, television, or Internet.

Document collections

Collections of reproduced documents, usually related by topic or place of origin.

Ephemeral films

Films produced for specific purposes at specific times. The genre includes educational, industrial, advertising, and amateur films aimed at promoting ideas, corporations, or products.


Collections of reproduced still images originally created in various formats.


Publications generally containing articles, stories, features, photographs, illustrations, and advertisements covering a variety of topics. Usually published on a weekly or monthly basis.


Publications generally containing reports on current events, editorials, features, photographs, and advertisements. Often give prominence to stories that have taken place in and around their place of publication. Usually published on a daily or weekly basis.

Nonfiction books

General nonfiction literature and essays originally published in book form.

Personal accounts

Firsthand accounts that focus on the authors’ role in the events in which they participated. Includes autobiographies, diaries, correspondence, memoirs, and personal narratives.


Text, audio, and video versions of speeches, sermons, lectures, and other public addresses.


Numerical data that has been gathered to analyze relations between people, events, and their environment.