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SAGE Data Planet (formerly State Stats)


Collection of historical and current state-level data covering health care, crime, education, economy, and many more.

Sage Knowledge Ebooks


Collection of ebooks from Sage publishers, which has a strong collection in the social sciences and research methods. Includes handbooks, encyclopedias and textbooks as well as scholarly monographs.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, 1867-1970 - Pennsylvania

Visual Resource

Digitized maps of towns or cities in Pennsylvania originally created for use by fire insurance companies. Maps are drawn to a scale of 50 feet to an inch; list street blocks and building numbers; and are coded for building materials used. For color versions of those maps, see the collection hosted by Penn State's map library. For Sanborn Maps in areas other than Pennsylvania, see Sanborn Maps from the Library of Congress.


Collection of scientific, technical, and medical journals published by Elsevier.


Coverage: 1907-present

Electronic version of Chemical Abstracts, an index of articles, patents, technical reports, and other materials covering chemistry, biochemistry, and chemical engineering. Includes features to search by drawing chemical structures and for analysis/synthesis prediction. Also a source for finding prices for chemicals.

Shakespeare Survey Online



Online collection of scholarly essays in Shakespeare studies and production. This resource is fully searchable across volumes or can be browsed by theme, volume, author, etc

Slavery and Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive

Coverage: 17th C. - late 19th C.

Major collection of primary source material covering the global history of the slave trade, slavery, and anti-slavery movements. Presented in 4 collections: Debates over Slavery and Abolition; Slave Trade in the Atlantic World; The Institution of Slavery; and Age of Emancipation.

Slavery, Abolition, and Social Justice

Coverage: 1490-2007

Vast collection of documents relating to the global slave trade and subsequent abolition efforts and social justice movements. Documents include manuscripts, court records, maps, lists of slaves and ships' logs, books, statistics, and many types of images.

Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries

Music from the Smithsonian Folkways collection and from other music archives around the world. Strong in American folk and other "roots" music. Includes spoken word recordings, such as poets reading their works.

Social Explorer

Data, Gateway, Visual Resource

Online application for locating and mapping US Census data and other demographic resources. Maps created on Social Explorer can be exported as images. To download the data itself in tabular and GIS formats see National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS).

SocINDEX with Full Text


Coverage: 1908-present.

Indexes journal articles, books, and conference papers in sociology. Includes a substantial amount of full text

South Asian Newspapers

Coverage: 1850-2010

Open Access collection of 10 newspapers covering the British Raj, independence movements, early statehood and into the present day, across Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Most titles are in English, with one title each in Bengali, Dari, and Nepali.

South China Morning Post historical backfile


Coverage: 1903-2001

Electronic backfile of the South China Morning Post, an English-language newspaper published in Hong Kong, from the first issue through 2001.

Southeast Asian Newspapers

Coverage: 1839-1958

Digital collection of over 60 newspapers primarily from Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam. Languages include Vietnamese, English, French, Dutch, and a handful of titles in Filipino, Indonesian, Cebuano, Javanese, and more.

Soviet-Era Ukrainian Newspapers

Coverage: 1899-1939

Digitized collection of 5 newspapers (mostly in Ukrainian, 1 in Russian) covering Ukraine in the early 20th century.


Database of research funding opportunities with information on over 40,000 grants and foundations, including all federal agencies

SPIN database


Coverage: 1929-present

Database of abstracts from physics journals and conference proceedings. Some links to full text included.



Collection of scientific, technical, and medical journals and books published by Springer. Lafayette users have access to the full text of journals in this collection from 1997 to the present and the full text of books from 2005 through 2012.

Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage

Data, Full-Text

Database of business and investment information, including company profiles, financial data, and stock, bond, and mutual fund reports. Includes S&P's Industry Surveys and Register of Corporations.

State Papers Online, 18th Century 1714-1782


Coverage: 1714-1782

Collection of digitized British government records from the National Archives of the UK. These full-color manuscript scans cover the reigns of George I and George II, and part of the reign of George III. The content details the inner workings of the government during such major events as the Jacobite rebellions of 1715 and 1745, the Seven Years' War, and the majority of the American Revolutionary War.



Statistics and studies gathered by market researchers, trade organizations, scientific publications, and government sources on over 600 industries

Statistical Abstract of the United States


Compendium of U.S. economic, social, and political data. A good first stop when you're looking for statistics.

Swank Digital Campus

Visual Resource

Streaming access to major motion pictures for educational purposes only. This link will allow instructors to request films for classes (login required) and allow all other users to access those films that have been licensed.