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OECD Economic Outlook Statistics and Projections

Coverage: 1970-two years into future

Extensive macroeconomic time series data for OECD countries and non-OECD zones. Includes historical statistics as well as projections extending two years beyond the current date.

OECD Economic Surveys


Coverage: 1998-present

Reviews of a country's economic performance, with a focus on recent trends and changes in policies. Print copies of many of these reviews may be borrowed from Skillman's collection.

OED: Oxford English Dictionary

Full-Text, Reference

Searchable version of the Oxford English Dictionary, which traces the origins and usage of English words.


Full-Text, Index
Tool that allows you to search across many library databases simultaneously (including the Library Catalog).

Open Textbook Library

Full-Text, Gateway

Searchable online library of freely available college-level textbooks in a variety of disciplines.

Orlando: Women's Writing in the British Isles from the Beginnings to the Present


Textbase for researching major figures and time periods in British women's fiction. The collection contains profiles of authors' lives, career chronologies, and in-depth bibliographies (but NOT full text of individual works of literature).

Oxford Art Online

Full-Text, Visual Resource

Authoritative reference works on art, including Grove Art Online and Benezit Dictionary of Artists. Contains images of major works important to the study of art history as well as artists' signatures and monograms.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Full-Text, Reference

Scholarly, biographical articles on noteworthy people who inhabited or were connected with the British Isles. (Does not include information on people still living.)

Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace

Full-Text, Reference

Scholarly encyclopedia covering historical, political, theoretical, and philosophical issues relating to peace and conflict. Includes coverage of world leaders, major historical and current events, organizations, and theories.

Oxford Islamic Studies Online


Collection of works on Islam and the Islamic world. Includes scholarly encyclopedia articles, Qur'anic materials, and primary sources.

Oxford Journals


Full-text of journals from Oxford University Press. Years covered vary by journal.

Oxford Music Online


Authoritative reference works on music, including Grove Music Online.

Oxford Reference Online

Full-Text, Reference

Electronic versions of Oxford dictionaries and other reference works covering many disciplines.

Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion

Full-Text, Reference

Overview articles on topics relating to the study of religion. Written by scholars and peer-reviewed.